Who is this guy’s publicist!?

Ladies and gentlemen, Dennis Rodman.

Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman watched a basketball exhibition together last week in North Korea. -Photo courtesy of Vice for Reuters/SI

…and Kim Jong-un..?

“He loves basketball, Obama loves basketball. Let’s talk there,” -Dennis Rodman on the fued bewteen America and North Korea

The played out retired basketball player has been all over the news lately thanks to his new found career path, diplomacy. While this trip and entire fiasco is extremely bizarre or brilliant, we can’t say it’s far from Rodman’s typical roster of PR nightmares. He is known more  for his outrageous antics than his actual basketball career. Though he is a hall of famer, Rodman most likely just got tired of being out of the limelight. So the question remains: Who is this guy’s publicist?!   

Off top, I’d assume he doesn’t have one! According to Fox News writer Dan Gainor, Shane Smith the founder of Vice Media said he hoped it was “the beginning of a dialogue” with North Korea. Vice Media sent Rodman and a group of other athletes (including the Harlem Globetrotters) to North Korea as part of its new HBO show, ‘Vice‘. The seemingly harmless idea was to use American basketball as a means to connect the two countries.

HBO’s Vice premieres April 5th at 11PM

I found no traces of a publicist for Dennis Rodman (only an agent), completely understandable. But, it seems the PR team for the actual show is fine with it. Show host and founder Shane Smith helped promote the occurrence in a recent press release:

“Is sending the Harlem Globetrotters and Dennis Rodman to the DPRK strange? In a word, yes. But finding common ground on the basketball court is a beautiful thing. These channels of cultural communication might appear untraditional, and perhaps they are, but we think it’s important just to keep the lines open. And if Washington isn’t going to send their Generals then we’ll send our Globetrotters – Cue music – ‘Sweet Georgia Brown.’ ”

There you have it. Weird nonetheless but you will probably watch this episode. Dennis Rodman is old news, but VICE is very new. For all we know, what everyone else sees as a PR oversight was nothing short of a miracle for the VICE creators.

Let One World know what you think? Good PR? Bad PR? Or is there even such a thing?


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