TweetMyJobs Houston! to Support Small Businesses’ Hiring Costs

According to The Princeton Review, “ninety-nine percent of all employers are small business owners. They provide 75% of the new jobs created every year, and they are responsible for 96% of all exported goods.” They are the backbone of the American economy. Yet and still, the survival rate of a small business is risky. Only approximately half of all new establishments survive five years or more.

Faced with much less elasticity than a corporation, finding and loosing talent can cost them valuable time and money – it might even be the difference between success and failure for a small business. Between posting positions, finding potential candidates, setting time aside to interview and call references, aligning taxes and insurance, owners have already invested numerous dollars before they have selected an applicant. Following the initial finding, now you have to take more time to train your new employee. Throw in some safety nets and assume your new hire will make a mistake or two, maybe you have to buy more supplies and/or rearrange your office, your investment is now much more than you might have prepared for- and that’s if they happen to be worth it. tallies the average cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee at close to $4,000.

With an already high failure rate, small business owners simply cannot constantly waste ample time, energy and money on human resource issues. An issue that for larger businesses, often demands its own sector of employees.


Enter TweetMyJobs Houston!, a revolutionary way to find and hire talent at no cost. Maybe all of your time and energy wont necessarily be spared in the never-ending search for new talent, but the almighty dollar will be. Leaving you with more room for investment in other various and equally important areas.

Now with one simple online platform, anybody can find a job or an employee, for free. Saving important money and time in hiring candidates who believe in your vision can be the difference between your small business swimming or sinking. The truth is, smart and savvy people succeed and smart and savvy people will use TweetMyJobs Houston! Notifications of career matches will come straight to your phone via text, email or social media network. Analytics will help make executive decisions that affect all of Houston job growth and our merging information technology era age will continue to do what it was meant to do: make life easier.

When business owners succeed we all do, so it is our job here at One World to make sure the word about TweetMyJobs Houston! spreads. The application is good news and that costs nothing.


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