One World Leaning In

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg has recently released a book titled “Lean In: Women, Work and The Will to Lead”. Loosely based on her 2010 TED Talk: “Why we have too few women leaders.” She touches 3 quick points in the 15-minute speech: sit at the table, make your partner a real partner, and don’t leave before you leave.

The One World team has decided to join in on her dynamic and highly debated advice by reading her book collectively. Whether you have already read the book or just want to join the conversation, let us hear from you.

One World Blurbs 

“There is still a gender based workforce whether we acknowledge it or not. We have made so many strives to break down those walls, we have to have the understanding that this is what we have to do and that we will never stop fighting for it.”

– Kim Jones, One World Project Manager

“As a young professional with less responsibility, these women inspire me to work as hard as possible and use my voice, so that when the opportunity for a family does arise, I don’t have to feel the pressure of choosing. I pray my professional presence will make room for us all.”

-Maya Moore, One World Jr. Associate


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